Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Last Word on Wade Belak

Okay, this is almost certainly going to be the last thing I post about the unfortunate sudden death of Wade Belak. There are plenty of other avenues to get any more news that may trickle out of this terrible situation.

In a Friday interview with Team 990 in Montreal, CBC Sports' PJ Stock (as reported by Yahoo) says that Belak died of "strangulation", and that it is an "accidental death", not a suicide...which, of course, leads us toward totally different conclusions.

There is obviously much more to this story than any of us know right now, and it just goes to show how quickly things spread in the Blogosphere and Twitterverse, whether they may or may not be true. For all we know, this latest revision to the story could be bunk as well.

We may never know what happened in that Toronto hotel room. All we can do right now is memorialize the man that so many of us loved to watch play hockey, support his family, and begin to pick up the pieces of our broken hearts.

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