Thursday, July 21, 2011

SEC Expansion Talk... Again?

I thought we had settled all of this. Instead, it seems the SEC may be courting Oklahoma and Texas A&M. SportsByBrooks has been on a Twitter-frenzy tonight about the possibility of the Big 12 imploding due to Texas' new "Longhorn Network", with the rest of the teams going to the Big East or Mountain West and Texas going independent.

For the record, Brooks doesn't seem to think it will happen, but it remains intriguing.

Should the SEC expand to 14 schools? I say no. I like the conference the way it is. Keep it at 12.

If you're going to screw with the SEC's membership, then organize a trade with the ACC. Ship Vandy over there and take Florida State or Clemson.


  1. My hope would be to see the SEC stay at 12 teams. The Pac-10 and Big Ten expanding to 12 schools made since in that both gained new television market clearances and, perhaps more importantly, reached the threshold for being allowed to hold a conference championship game.

    I suspect that the conference land-grabs won't end until there are four 16-team super-conferences. I'd like to think that's not the case, but I'd also like to think that the SEC didn't make overtures to Texas A&M and others last summer. But I know otherwise...

  2. As a resident of Big 12 country, I can say the rumor mill now talks about the possibility of the SEC expanding to 16 teams. Apparently OK state, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Mizzou are the expected targets.