Monday, August 15, 2011

102.5 FM To Become Sports Talk Station "The Game"

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If you've read my initial post on this blog (despite the fact that the name of the blog has since changed)... you know that I made my career in the sports radio industry until early 2010. News breaks today, courtesy of radio industry news site AllAccess Music Group, that WPRT-FM (102.5 The Party) will soon be changing formats and becoming "102.5 The Game". The morning show, titled "The First Quarter", will be hosted by Darren McFarland and Brad Hopkins, who have been anchoring "The Afternoon Press Box" at 560 WNSR for the past few months.

Currently, I am employed part-time by Cumulus Media, the company in the process of purchasing Citadel Media, parent company of Nashville's other FM sports station, 104.5 The Zone. So, I will offer no further comment on this news, due to my obvious conflicts of interest. Instead, I will direct you to the aforementioned AllAccess article, and to the blog at discussing the implications involving the Predators.

However, I do wish the folks at the new station the best. Competition makes everyone better.

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  1. With McFardland/Hopkins going to mornings, it would suggest that 102.5 won't be a primary ESPN affiliate since ESPN would likely try to bully Mike & Mike into morning drive like they usually do. It will be interesting to see what Cromwell's approach is with this.

    One challenge if the Predators move to 102.5 is that's station's broadcast radius. For Preds fans in Murfreesboro wanting to listen to games, it might be easier said than done off of 102.5's signal. Perhaps it going from stereo to mono will improve things, but overall WBUZ provides stronger coverage of metro and the outskirts with its signal than WPRT-FM.