Monday, August 1, 2011

Comcast Introduces New HD Channel Numbers

Okay, so right after I posted that post about "there's nothing to post about", I found something to post about. I'm also trying to set the record for the number of times I can use the word "post", or a variant thereof, in a sentence. I got 4 in the topic sentence. Can you do better? Probably.

But back on topic.

Many sports fans in Middle Tennessee will have some new numbers to commit to memory this fall, as Comcast is totally rearranging its HD tier and moving all the channels up into 4-digit territory (say goodbye to those pesky 200s). These changes went into effect on July 28th, but the existing channel numbers will continue to function through (tentatively) the end of October. After that, though, you'll have to use the new ones, so you might as well get used to it now.

Get a full outline of the changes after the jump...

The thing I like most about these changes is that all of the sports-exclusive channels are bundled together now, which makes it easier to see what's on if you're a channel surfer, or if you use the on-screen guide a lot, like me. Also, the local channels are easier to remember, as they now correlate with the "legacy" channel numbers on analog cable. Channels 2, 4, 5, and 8 are very easy to remember (1002, 1004, 1005, 1008).

SIDEBAR: I wish they'd made Fox17 be 1017 instead of 1006, but on analog cable, Fox17 is on channel 6, so I at least understand the intent. Practically, though, it makes no sense. Anybody who has been watching Fox17 on HD has been watching it on channel 234 anyway for the past several years, and, if you're like me, you forgot it ever was on channel 6 to begin with. But I digress.

Here are the full changes, with old channel numbers, and new channel numbers. I've highlighted channels that show sports on a regular basis.

(Hat tip to the posters on the AVS Nashville Forum for the table and the info)

1901001HD On Demand
2311002WKRN HD ABC
2321004WSMV HD NBC
2331005WTVF HD CBS
2341006WZTV HD FOX
2401008WNPT HD PBS
2361014WUXP HD My Network
2301017WNPX HD ION
2351018WNAB-HD CW
2521105Fox News Channel HD
2511106CNN HD
2721107CNN HN HD
2731108MSNBC HD
2761111The Weather Channel HD
2711115CNBC HD
2701117Fox Biz Network HD
2201205USA HD
2041206TNT HD
2581207FX HD
2251208SyFy HD
2181209Spike HD
2191216WGN America HD
2211220TBS HD
2601221Comedy Central HD
2571222G4 HD
NA1225BBC America HD
2791232Investigation Discovery HD
2081240Universal HD
2051242HD Theater
2241250Discovery Channel HD
2531251Science Channel HD
1821260Animal Planet HD
2101261National Geographic HD
NA1262Nat Geo Wild HD
2221270History HD
2811271History International HD
2121280Food Network HD
NA1281Cooking Channel HD
2541285Travel Channel HD
2131290HGTV HD
2691292Planet Green HD
2171305Lifetime HD
2801307Hallmark Channel HD
2681308WE HD
2741311QVC HD
2821312HSN HD
2111330A&E HD
2231331Bio HD
2151332Bravo HD
2161340E! HD
2591341Style HD
NA1345Ovation HD
2141350TLC HD
2751351TruTV HD
2771360TV One HD
1981361BET HD
1931401HD Music On Demand
1971405MTV HD
1961406VH1 HD
1951407CMT HD
2611420Fuse HD
2091421Palladia HD
2781435GMC HD
NA1511The Hub HD
1861515Disney Channel HD
1851516Disney XD HD
1841521Nickelodeon HD
1871525Cartoon Network HD
1831530ABC Family HD
7901603ESPN 3D
2021605ESPN HD
2031606ESPN2 HD
2061607Versus HD (called NBC Sports Network HD as of 1/2/12)
2861608ESPNews HD
2071611Golf Channel HD
2901612Tennis Channel HD
2001620Speed HD
2891630Outdoor Channel HD
2941671CSS Events HD
2951675FSN Tennessee HD
2841676SportSouth HD
7911703XFINITY Events 3D
2011705NFL Network HD
2961706NFL RedZone HD
2881711NHL Network HD
2871712NBA TV HD
1991714MLB Network HD
2851720ESPNU HD
2831721CBS College Sports HD
2931730Big Ten Network HD
3481750iN DEMAND Game HD
3491772iN DEMAND Team HD
1911801HD Movies On Demand
2561806AMC HD
2651815TCM HD
NA1816RetroPlex HD
2661820Lifetime Movie Network HD
2671821Hallmark Movie Channel HD
2631830Encore HD
2641846MGM HD
2621860IFC HD
NA1862IndiePlex HD
3471871iN DEMAND Events HD
1921901HD Premium On Demand
3011910HBO HD
3021912HBO 2 HD
3031915HBO Signature HD
3041917HBO Family HD
3061922HBO Zone HD
3071925HBO Latino HD
3101930Cinemax HD
3111932MoreMax HD
3201950Showtime HD
3211952Showtime 2 HD
3281970TMC HD
3401980Starz HD
3411982Starz Edge HD
3421986Starz Kids & Family HD
3431991Starz Comedy HD

Notice I didn't highlight TruTV, because all the sports it currently shows is the first weeekend of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, so it does sports 4 days out of the year. Nor did I highlight USA, which does some tennis and not much else. Anyway...

So, there it is. Burn these numbers into your brain, Comcast subscribers. And bookmark this post, so that in October, it will be an easy reference point!

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