Wednesday, August 17, 2011

102.5 The Game To Carry Alabama Football

The Crimson Tide Sports Network will
soon be a part of "The Game" airscape.
There is some new info coming out today about the new-sports-radio-station-to-be. WPRT-FM, whose management announced Monday that the station now known as "The Party" will soon be known as "102.5 The Game", will carry University of Alabama football, according to The university's athletic website has quietly listed WPRT-FM as the radio affiliate for Nashville.

As the station has all-but-confirmed its intention to move the Predators over from sister station WBUZ 102.9, there will likely be some programming conflicts in October and November, when Alabama often plays Saturday evening games at the same time the Predators are scheduled to be playing. The SEC football schedule is set week-to-week by television partners CBS and ESPN, so any potential conflicts will only be discovered around 10 days in advance. I am fairly certain that the Preds would get priority over Alabama, so hockey fans need not fret.

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  1. It will be interesting to see what this means for Predators fans in the Murfreesboro area, where 102.5 WPRT-FM doesn't come in very well. Perhaps there can be an HD2 or HD3 simulcast of 102.5 the Game on potential forthcoming HD sideband channels on 102.9 WBUZ?

    The Alabama affiliation is interesting, though I know plenty of Bama fans who live in the greater Nashville area so it's a viable move. The more SEC football that's available on the radio the better, I say. Hopefully there will be minimal conflicts between Predators game and Crimson Tide football, though perhaps 102.9 might be used as a rollover option in those circumstances?